2476768Yes Poppet’s, the silly season is upon us and we thought what better way to kick it off, than to share some of our current party favourites. From glittering polish to make those talon’s sparkle, to some brilliant fuscia frames to hide last nights sins, this party season’s in the bag…

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Did I tell you I’m in Perth at the moment? I’m here for the Perth Fashion Festival on behalf of Yen. I’ve been to a few shows, visited a few designers and had about 45 baths (I don’t have one at home so I’m getting my fill at the Hilton.)

On first inspection I wasn’t really sure what to make of Perth. It’s a pretty quiet town and while the people have been beyond lovely, I just couldn’t seem to crack the city and find the type of places I wanted to visit, eat at or shop in. I seem to have unlocked some of the cities mysteries today, or at the very least stumbled across a few gems, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you ever find yourselves in Perth wondering where to get a good coffee, a cute dress or a funny card…

To start the day I headed up King street in the CBD for a coffee and bite to eat at a place I’d read about called Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall. It’s themed on, you guessed it, a mess hall and has a slight (but not gimmicky) M*A*S*H feel to it. It was low key, cool (but not full of tools) and had great coffee. With a caffeine hit and a breakfast brioche under my belt I headed back onto King street to take in a little shopping.

I ducked into Cult Status, fine purveyors of incredible designer accessories, and almost convinced myself I could afford those Balenciaga buckle up shoes.

No buckles for moi

Instead of a pair of thousand dollar boots, I settled for some camp second hand comics at Elizabeth’s Second Hand Bookshop further up the road.

Very Balenciaga AW13 

Travelling deeper into the CBD I came across a twee little store called Pigeonhole who stock, amongst other knick-knacks, a pretty cute collection of cards by Able and Game (who are actually from Melbourne…ah well.)

Better get ready

Later on a recommendation I headed out to Claremont to discover the very cool Poppy Lissiman store. Stocked with Opening Ceremony,  Antik Batik, Mara Hoffman swimwear and Poppy’s own eponymous label (which is all cute prints and kicky dresses) this is definitely my kinda store.

My kinda twinset at Poppy Lissiman

Some other Perth notables included Zara Bryson for great Equipment and Wildfox pieces and designers One Fell Swoop – who I’ll tell you a little more about another time.

So there you have it…Poppets slap dash Perth guide. Eat your heart out Lonely Planet.

Kenzo sweatshirt from Opening Ceremony

Ah the sweatshirt; 80s icon beloved by slobs and couch potatoes the world over.

But these comfy critters are no longer solely deigned to a suspiciously stained and potato chip encrusted life in front of the TV. Thanks to the likes of Kenzo, APC and more, the sweatshirt is back in a major (and highly presentable) way.

Here’s a few Poppet favourites from the inter webs.

APC sweatshirt

BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard) sweatshirt

YMC sweatshirt from Mr Porter