Photographer Michael French (aka Frenchy) takes the type of photo’s that would be completely jealously inducing were they not so damn beautiful. The photographer, surfer, all-round-great-guy and seasoned traveller was kind enough to share some of his jaw-dropping images and experiences from a recent trip…

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(Images above, Arran Russell)

Arran, Huw & Felix of Vanishing Elephant know a thing or two about jet setting; after all their label is stocked all over the globe, from Vietnam to Germany and pretty much everywhere in between. So we thought who better to get the skinny on summer holidays from than the VE boys themselves…

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I ran into the adorable Rachel Rutt on the weekend and she told me she’d just started a blog. Just as eclectic, endearing and stylish as the lady herself, it’s a must read full of personal pics of Rachel & pals, along with some of the incredible knitwear she makes herself.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Rutt since way back when…always a dream to work with and pretty much the sweetest gal ever. Not to mention having the ability to make a hessian sack look incredible.

So go check it out already!:

All images via Ruttiger