Wish You Were Here: Frenchy


Photographer Michael French (aka Frenchy) takes the type of photo’s that would be completely jealously inducing were they not so damn beautiful. The photographer, surfer, all-round-great-guy and seasoned traveller was kind enough to share some of his jaw-dropping images and experiences from a recent trip…

Where will you be spending your holidays this year?

I’ve actually just returned from a great trip in India. I like to go away September/October each year. Those months are generally slower in the freelance photo world and instead of hanging about I try to see something new.

This recent trip was a real adventure. Five friends and I rode motorbikes over the highest motor able roads in the world. 5,600m above sea level, it was snowing in the hottest month of the year.

A highlight was camping on the edge of ‘Pangong Lake’ which sits14,000ft above sea level and is split in half by the Chinese/Indian Borderline.

The arid mountains around the edge of the lake are over 1,000m above it and the water is blue like the Mediterranean, amazing.


After riding on those dangerous roads we were glad to be in one piece and continued onto the second part of the trip. We caught a boat for 20hrs to an atoll in the Arabian Sea which has to be one of the most unspoilt, idyllic locations in the world.

They govern themselves out there in the middle of nowhere, with free health, education, a desalination plant, small families and a firm stance against outside investors. It’s obvious they know what they have and it makes it a special place to visit. Not to mention some of the best diving, fishing and surfing you can find – We were riding big sea turtles around the lagoon between surfs.

It’d have to be the most memorable trip I think I have done, motorbikes at the top of the world and surfing a remote atoll all within one country. Good times ; )

Summer playlist?

The Travelling Wilburys –  End of the line

Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti – Baby

Bob Dylan – Mozambique

Selda – Yaylalar

Captain Beefheart – Lazy Music

Pete Wingfield – Eighteen with a bullet

Junior Murvin – Bad Weed

Dick Diver – Head Back

Mac Demarco – Cooking up something good

Favourite holiday reading material?

Anything that makes you go outside with a fresh perspective…


Check out more of Frenchy’s work HERE.


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