N.P.A.A x Poppet: Cosmos Psych Nails


Yes, Christmas is well and truly upon us (like…tomorrow), so to celebrate, N.P.A.A has created some super festive nails for our latest collab…

Galaxy’s, Illuminaté, Evil Eye’s and Ying Yang nails make up for our most super-duper nail tutorial EVER, and are sure to get you right through the silly season.

Step One: Push your cuticles back and file your nails into a rounded shape. Apply your base coat – paint some nails black and some nails white, depending which designs you want  on each nail. We used Kit’s New Attitude (white) and Kit’s Black Goes Matte (black)


Step Two:

Galaxy nails: (thumb and Pinky) Soak a makeup sponge in water and squeeze out excess water, you will be sponging three colours onto the nail to create the spacey depth (n.b allow a few minutes drying time between each layer). Pour onto a scrap of paper a lentil sized drop of nail polish of your first colour. We used Kit’s Big Bang (bright purple) first, then Kit’s Act Out (vibrant teal) and lastly Kit’s  Switch on (metallic silver)

illuminaté nails: Apply a coat of sparkly glitter we used Kit’s (Glam Rock- navy glitter) Allow to dry. Using Sally Hansen’s nail art pen in silver draw a triangle in the middle of the nail.

Evil Eye Nails: Using a dotting tool to apply Kit’s Speed Demon (hot turquoise) in a circle shape in the the middle of the nail.

Ying Yang Nails: Using a fine paint brush and Kit’s Black goes Matte map out an ‘S’ down the middle of the nail, and fill in one side of the ‘S’ in black. Using the dotting tool place a black dot onto the white side of the ying-yang.

Step Three:

Galaxy nails: Apply a glitter top coat making sure to sparsely space the bigger glitter specs to look like stars!

llluminaté nails: Using the Sally Hansen nail art pen in silver draw a circle in the the middle of the triangle and stripes on the sides, Jay-Z will totally let you in the club with these nailz.

Evil Eye Nails:  Using a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black draw an almond shape around the turquoise circle across the width of your nail, omg it’s totally an eye! Then little mini lines on one side of the almond for eyelashes. A dot of black in the center of the turquoise and BOOM  you are ready to be all seeing all knowing.

Ying Yang Nails:  Using the dotting tool and Kit’s New Attitude (White) make a little dot on the black side of your Ying-Yang, namaste babes.


Step Four: Wait a while like half an hour or so for your nails to dry and apply Kit’s Topcoat to make sure your designs dont go anywhere too soon.

Photographer: Terence ChinNails & Tutorial: N.P.A.A

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