Wish You Were Here: TOME


If you’re not yet familiar with womenswear label TOME, you need to get aquatinted…fast. The brilliant label by Australian expats in New York, Ramon Martin & Ryan Lobo, is full of modern classics – from the perfect shirt, to an incredible oversized trench, or a sexy slip dress – and is the type of clothing every stylish woman worth her salt wants to be wearing right now…

The TOME boys also happen to be seasoned travellers, so we thought we’d give them a quick grilling about how they’ll be spending their Christmas break…

Where will you be spending your holidays this year?

RAMON: Sydney with my family; sleeping!

RYAN: New York with friends; eating! 

Ultimate holiday destination?

BOTH: somewhere warm and ‘exotic’…Morocco and India are past favourites. Sydney is always a thrill as we no longer live there and crave the beach, the sun, and over priced produce served to us by douche bags in Ksubi sunglasses!

Most memorable holiday?

RAMON: We visited  Marakesh together almost three years ago… It was truly magical.

RYAN: Our friend Christine Manfield (UNIVERSAL Restaurant) gave us her complete guide to fine dining in the city, so we ate our way through town for an entire week. It happened to be Ramadan, but that didn’t stop us!

What are your must pack items for holidays?

RYAN: A suitcase FULL of unnecessary clothes and shoes that never get worn!

Top 5 summer songs?


Paul Simon – Graceland

Sarah Vaughn – Summertime

Diana Ross & The Supremes – Reflections

Boney M – Rivers of Babylon

Madonna – Holiday

Favourite holiday reading material?

BOTH: trash magazines

RYAN: menus

RAMON: cocktail lists

Summer drink of choice?

RYAN: Pina Colada! Obviously…




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  1. Never heard of them but just checked em out and I am impressed!! May have to do some shopping!!


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