Wish You Were Here: Vanishing Elephant


(Images above, Arran Russell)

Arran, Huw & Felix of Vanishing Elephant know a thing or two about jet setting; after all their label is stocked all over the globe, from Vietnam to Germany and pretty much everywhere in between. So we thought who better to get the skinny on summer holidays from than the VE boys themselves…

Where will you be spending your holidays this year?

ARRAN: Palm beach at the in-laws for Christmas then off to Tokyo and Kyoto in January with my wife for our belated honeymoon.

HUW: Christmas on the Sunshine Coast with part of my family, then home for more long lunches and not so boozy lunches. The plan is then to pack up for NYE and head down the south coast. 

What’s your ultimate holiday destination?

ARRAN: I can’t wait to take my daughter snorkeling in the Gillies and Lombok next year at some stage. She learnt how to snorkel last summer and has been obsessed with it ever since.

FELIX: I’m going to buy a holiday house in Mexico one day, so I’m going to say Mexico. South Mexico is beautiful; Tulum may be one of my favourite places in the world.

Most memorable holiday?

ARRAN: I went to the states with my lady, first to New York where all we did was eat and ride our bikes around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Then to Palm Springs to unwind from the eating holiday. The reason why is that it’s where I realised I would marry this lady. She walked 24 blocks in the pouring rain with me just so I could get my last fix of Lukes Lobster Shack’s lobster roll the day before we left. What a lady. 

HUW: I’d like to think all my holidays are memorable! Probably my all time trip was a wedding in Italy about 5 years ago, it was the near quintessential Italian holiday. Good food, beautiful countryside, great wine, an incredible wedding and some lunatic drivers to boot.


(Images above, Huw Bennett)

What are your must pack items for holidays?

ARRAN: iPad, camera, sunglasses, my own toothbrush (I hate those disposable ones in hotels), board shorts and sneakers.

HUW: Good company is the best start. Swimmers are a bonus and a good book is a must. Plus I always have a camera handy and some music, which helps me too recall certain events.

What’s on your summer playlist?

FELIX: A couple of my friends put me onto this L.A. based band called the Allah-lahs. That whole album is a summer essential…Otherwise:

Cody Chesnutt – Everybody’s brother

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

The Kinks – waterloo sunset

Weezer – island in the sun

and really anything from Sixto Rodriguez because I really love him.

HUW: I like to reload my iPhone with old and new music for all holidays (time allowing) currently it’s all about Camperdown and Out, Morrissey (priming for his Sydney shows) and a lot of The Go-Betweens.

Favourite holiday reading material?

FELIX: I just finished Roberto Bolano’s Savage detectives…Probably not the best holiday book. Otherwise, I’m a sucker for borderline terrible sports related books. 

Ultimate summer drink?

ARRAN: Negroni all year round.


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  1. Ah I love it! This is my all time favorite label – so pumped at they chicks range as I mentioned in my first blog. Love this!! Xx

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