Keep It Clean


Sometimes you just wanna keep things simple…A slick of mascara, a couple of highlights and bam…out the door. Make Up wiz Peter Beard shows us how to on the lovely Anna from Chic…

Use colours that register as shadow to bring out the shape of your face and define your features. I used a taupe coloured powder under the cheek bones, around the eyes and on the temples. What keeps this modern and away from 80s contours is application with a soft brush and blending. 
Applying highlights on the bridge or the nose, cheek bones, chin, inner corner of the eyes and temple bone emphasises the high planes of your face and gives extra dimension and a vitality to the skin. (I used NARS multiple in Copacabana.) 
Finish by applying black mascara only to the root of the lashes to give definition to the eye without the look of mascara.  


From top: 1. James Perse shirt, 2. Manning Cartell top, American Apparel bra, models on jeans

Photographer: Tim AshtonHair, Make Up & How-to: Peter Beard, Stylist: Pip VassettModel: Anna K @ chic


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