Monday Must Have: Rolla’s

Do you remember Faberge jeans? If you weren’t a child of the 70s or 80s then I’m guessing they may of passed you by. Well basically, they were the greatest. Super high, the perfect classic blue, and made your arse look all sorts of amazing…

While I wasn’t old enough to wear them in their heyday, I did have a vintage pair I chucked a few years ago and have been kicking myself ever since . Sure I had to dislocate a couple of ribs every time I wanted to wear them, and couldn’t sit down (or sometimes breath/feel my legs) while wearing them but god dammit…they looked really good.

So I’m pretty excited that designers Andy Paltos & Sarah Gilsenan have teamed up with original Faberge founder David Laidlaw and have given us Rolla’s. Sticking to Faberge’s original ethos of simply brilliant jeans, Rolla’s come in that same classic blue and high waist. Better yet, I may actually be able to grab a pair that fits this time around. Happy days.

All images via Rolla’s lookbook

Check out the Rolla’s website for stockists, further information and some awesome vintage black and white shots HERE.


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