Happy Halloween!

In case you haven’t noticed…we’re a tiny bit Halloween obsessed here at Poppet. We’ve done the spooky nails, the dark and moody fashion…now it’s time for some cultish make up tips courtesy of Jasmin Lo…Happy Halloween!…

Clumpy Eyelashes and Bloodstained lips (above):

Eyelashes: Use the tip of your mascara wand vertically rather than fanning it horizontally in the traditional sense. Paint the inky mascara onto the lashes & push them into random clumps. 
Allow to dry in between & repeat the process 3 times for ultimate clumpy lashes. 
*We used Ellis Faas mascara)

Lips: Slap on you lipstick with wild abandon & don’t worry too much about making it perfect.
Blot the excess with a tissue, then get a cotton tip with a dab of moisturiser on it & go around your lip line to soften the edge.
Grab a darker red lipstick & with your ring finger pat it onto the inner section of your mouth.
*We used: Kit Cosmetics lipsticks in Cherry Picker and Go Deeper

‘Smokin’ eyes (above):

Cream shadows are the way to go, as you won’t get the dropage that powders leave you with.
Pick a charcoal tone (same effect as black but not as harsh) and use with a slight shimmer (for dimension). Apply both above and around the eye, then draw up into ‘smoke’ lines above the brow line onto the forehead using a fine brush.
*We used Mac Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Black Pearl, and Mac Blitz & Glitz Fluidline
Photographer: Terence ChinStylist: Pip VassettHair & Make Up: Jasmin LoModel: Gabby @ Chic

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