N.P.A.A X Poppet: Halloween Nailz

I’ve been busting to tell you about our latest uber-cute-collab with the girls from N.P.A.A (that’s Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous for those uninitiated)…

N.P.A.A is Nella van Veenendaal & Fleur Mitchell. The girls have a serious addiction and love of nail art – so much so they decided to start a club. Each month the ladies host a nail painting and gossiping session at a local Sydney haunt (so far The Cricketers has been the venue of choice, but there is much talk and plans for expansion) with all nail polish lovers welcome to join in the fun.

Along with their monthly night, the gals are in hot demand, hosting nail art stalls at events such as the Biennale Art Bar, The Wonder 100 Fete, and even giving talks on the wonderful world of nail art at the Oxford St. Design Store.

We were lucky enough to convince the girls to put world domination (one cuticle at a time) on hold, and come paint some spooky nails, in honour of everyone’s faux-holiday, Halloween.

Be sure to check the How To below and get these suckers on your nails in time for the 31st!!

Photographer: Terence ChinNails: N.P.A.A Make Up: Jasmin LoModel: Gabby @ Chic

(OPI nail polish used throughout. Sarah & Sebastian ring worn in main image)


Step One: Prep your nails – shape and buff your nails into a rounded tip, push your cuticles back to elongate your nail bed and apply your favorite base coat. Using O.P.I’s ‘Black Onyx’ and a small paint brush from a craft shop paint a line to section off the tip of your nails – do the same but for your cuticle leaving approx 2mm gap at the base of your nail and fill in the middle. This is the inside of your spooky fang mouth.

Step Two: Lips! Clean your little paint brush well in some nail polish remover, then using O.P.I’s ‘Thrill of Brazil’ on your now clean brush apply the polish to the tip and the gap at the base that you left bare in Step One. Ta-da! Blood red lips!

Step Three: This step is a little trick but take your time and steady your hand, FANGS! Clean all the of the red polish off your brush otherwise you will have pink fangs which are not scary at all. Using O.P.I’s ‘Alpine Snow’ on your paint brush make little dot along the top and bottom of your black outline – it is easier working outwards, doing the two front fangs first, then evenly space the rest of the teeth. To paint the teeth paint tiny strokes for the fangs and little dots for the rest of the teeth.

Step Four: Allow your fangs to dry approximately 30min and then apply O.P.I’s ‘Top Coat’ this will make your design glossy and stay put.


Step One: Apply two coats of O.P.I’s ‘Alpine Snow’ and allow to dry. 

Step Two: Using a little print brush and O.P.I’s ‘Thrill of Brazil’ to create your dripping blood paint a tip on your nail, it doesn’t matter if it is not super neat. Then load your brush with more red polish and paint little blobs and pull up towards the tip, this will create the dripping blood effect. Even up and fill in any gaps when your have enough blob/drips.

Step Three: Allow approximately 30mins to dry and then apply O.P.I’s Top Coat, to make your blood extra shiny! 


*Ed Note: The N.P.A.A girls are hosing a Cupcakes & Watermelons tutorial this Sunday (28th October) at Oxford St. Design Centre. For more info check out N.P.A.A on FACEBOOK

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