Au Naturale

I know, I know…going au naturale is easy when you look like the incredible Pauline Hoarau. But…for those fast approaching summer months, when you’re feeling fresh as a daisy and swimming in the ocean on a daily basis; here’s a few handy, super low fuss hints from resident hair & make up whiz Jasmin Lo to get you feeling and looking extra fresssshhhh.

“Massage your face & neck with an SK-II Facial Hydrating UV Cream spf 15 for daily sun protection.
Spray a little hairspray onto a toothbrush or clean disposable mascara wand, and comb your brows into place.
Dab some Lucas Paw Paw Ointment onto your eyelids & lips.
Pinch your cheeks to get some colour in the apples & bite your bottom lip for an instant natural tint.”

Pauline wears Kahlo jumpsuit and Mania Mania necklace throughtout

 Photographer: Mick BruzzeseStylist: Pip VassettHair, Make-up, Words: Jasmin LoModel: Pauline Hoarau @ Chic


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