Golden Boy: Johnny Wallace, General Pants Mens Footwear & Accessories Buyer

Our third in the Golden Boy series is the super adorable Johnny Wallace from General Pants Co. I met the mens footwear & accessories buyer at the General Pants showing a couple of months back and his enthusiasm and love of the brand, and brands he works with, was completely infectious. Along with his laid back, innate style (and love of two Poppet favourites; Vans & Vanishing Elephant) I knew he’d make a perfect Golden Boy subject.

As the man responsible for keeping the fellas kitted out in sneakers, eccentric socks and a helluva lot of caps, beanies, backpacks and more, it’s no surprise that the Melbourne born, Sydney based buyer looked to a classic yet always contemporary piece when it came to his Golden Boy….

“My Golden Boy is my Levi’s denim jacket. Taking the plunge by moving to Melbourne from Sydney and not know a single person, this was my very first purchase from General Pants Co. two and a half years ago when I first started working for the brand. This denim jacket is by far the most versatile item of clothing I own and a great piece for layering rain, hail or shine. I’ve enjoyed some really memorable moments in this jacket and it’s been worn to music festivals with a muscle tee, trips overseas with a knitted sweater and to Christmas dinners with my family worn with a crisp oxford shirt. The excessive wear is starting to show with blow-outs in the elbows, but this is no doubt a wardrobe essential – a timeless classic that will be enjoyed for years to come, and never replaced!”

Portraits: Terence Chin



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