Monthly Archives: August 2012

Rebecca Bisset gif’s it all she’s got in the perfect  top knot by hair and make up maestro Jasmin Lo…Jas gives us the low down on this super easy, and super cute hair style.

“The perfect do for slightly dirty hair that has a bit of gritty texture- whether its freshly sea salted from the ocean or if you just didn’t have time to wash it last night!

Comb your hair through with a wide tooth comb (so it doesn’t get too fluffy), flip your head upside down & pull into a super high pony right at the very top of your head.

Literally tie into a knot with the ponytail & secure random pieces down with bobby pins. Spritz hairspray all over then loosen bits & pieces of the knot here & there.

Now use the palms of your hands to rub small circles near your temples (simultaneous head massage!) to free your fine baby hairs and push them down onto your forehead.”

Photographer: Mick BruzzeseStylist: Pip VassettHair, Make up & Words: Jasmin LoModel: Rebecca Bisset @ Chic


Time to don your boot-scootin’ best in cowboy inspired shirts, printed pants and a big ol’ belt buckle.

From Top: 1. Equipment shirt, Friend Of Mine pants, 2. Wrangler shirt, American Vintage skirt, Asos scarf, 3. Wrangler tshirt, Isabel Marant jeans from The Corner Shop, vintage belt from Cream On Crown, Petite Grand necklace, Vintage George Jensen ID bracelet, Mitchell Road Antiques, 4. Vanishing Elephant jacket, Asos tshirt, Friend Of Mine pants, Petite Grand necklace, 5. Friend Of Mine shirt, J Brand jeans, Petite Grand necklace

Photographer: Tim AshtonStylist: Pip VassettModel: Bay Berger @ Priscilla’s, Hair & Make Up: Peter Beard


We were lucky enough to shoot the super cute Lisa Mitchell for the latest cover of Yen (on stands today). The Melbourne based songbird was just as sweet as she looks, and even more adorable in real life.

Here’s a couple of my favourite shots, featuring Ms Mitchell working some brilliant florals from Natalia Grzybowski and Alice McCall.

Photographer: Cybele MalinowskiStylist: Pip VassettHair & Make Up: Jasmin Lo


Pull your trousers up (high), throw on a skivvy, grab your grannies glasses and embrace your inner nerd.

From top: 1. Marni jumper from The Corner Shop, Miu Miu specs from OPSM, 2. Vanishing Elephant jacket, American Apparel skivvy and trousers, Acne brogues, 3. Vintage knit from C’s Flashback, Life With Bird belt & skirt, 4. Amy Kaehne knit, 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers from The Corner Shop, Acne brogues, Prada specs from OPSM

Photographer: Tim AshtonStylist: Pip VassettHair & Make Up: Peter BeardModel: Bay Berger @ Priscilla’s