Golden Boy: Amy Kaehne

If you’ve swung by Poppet before you’ll probably be no stranger to our next ‘Golden Boy‘ subject, the lovely Amy Kaehne. Amy’s effortlessly cool clothes make everything else in your wardrobe look like it’s trying too damn hard and should just shut up and do as Frankie says: Relaaaax.

The lady herself is the perfect embodiment of the Amy Kaehne label – gorgeous, beyond adorable, and pulls off that whole ‘super-chic-world-traveller’ thing like it ain’t no thang.

Amy was kind enough to let us come and shoot her in her Golden Boy in between working on collections and moving studios….

“My Golden Boy is my oversized patch coat. It was one of the first coats I ever designed and so it holds a real sentimental value. It is essentially a big blanket with a built-in scarf and although I haven’t worn it much this winter, it has been a well loved piece for many years. This coat has also travelled with me throughout the UK and Europe as it doubles up as a doona on the road. The texture and fabric reminds me of growing up in New Zealand in the 90’s when the Swandri jackets were all the rage!”

Portraits: Terence Chin

Images above: Amy Kaehne Spring/Summer 2012/13


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