Lickity Slick

The incredible Katerina Chang channels a make up look worthy of Tina Chow – perfect for a Friday night hitting the tiles.

Make Up maestro Joel Babicci spills the beans on a few tips, tricks and products to achieve the look.

“Start with a clean, perfect base. Line the eyes using a black kohl pencil and blend up with black eyeshadow (we used Chanel Le Crayon kohl and Nars Night Breed black eyeshadow). 

Then apply a dark grey shimmer shadow above the black and blend up to just below brow bone (YSL ombre’ solo in smoky grey). 

Above this apply a pale silver shimmer and blend up over the brow bone (Nars shadow in bombshell)

Then apply a dark red lipstick (YSL Pur Couture Le Rouge) and voila! You’re good to go!”

camilla & marc suit and Sportsgirl shirt worn throughout

Photographer: Mick BruzzeseHair, Make-Up and How To: Joel Babicci, Stylist: Pip Vassett, Model: Katerina Chang @ Chadwick

1 comment
  1. Dan said:

    LOVE this make up look!!!

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