Golden Boy: Vanishing Elephant

Golden Boy is a new feature I’ve been working on for Poppet with some of my favourite designers and folks around town (in answer to your ‘Golden Boy…huh?’ question please refer to this Seinfeld clip).

I’ve asked each subject to share with us the one item in their closet they’ve had for donkeys years, and has been with them through thick and thin, and everything in between. It probably isn’t the prettiest item in the wardrobe but it means a little more than last weeks pay check or those pants that make their arse look really great (although lets face it, who doesn’t love a pair of pants that make your arse look really great?)

First up are the very clever boys from Vanishing Elephant. Designing the type of clothes all the guys want to be wearing (or should want to be wearing) since 2009, the trio recently introduced some pretty adorable womenswear into the mix. A move I’m assuming was to shut the ladies up and stop us stealing our boyfriends duds. Nice try VE.

But enough out of me. Dean Podmore snapped the guys in their studio, adorned in their Golden Boy finest, and below they fill us in on their garments of choice.

Vanishing Elephant, from L – R: Huw Bennett, Felix Chan and Arran Russel

Felix Chan.

“My golden boy is my khaki jeans. I bought them out of necessity from Uniqlo in Hong Kong. I was travelling on a work trip and under packed as usual. I basically bought them because I desperately needed something that didn’t repulse people through the smell.

Since then, they’ve been like a second skin. I must have had a period where i wore them 3-4 times a week for a good couple of years. They’ve been with me overseas, survived numerous a Hong Kong summer, an awful New York winter, multiple beer and food spills and they’re still alive. They’ve seen better days, the crotch has blown, the colour has slowly changed over time, but i don’t think I’ll ever throw them out.”

Huw Bennet

A Vanishing Elephant wool knitted button up vest is my Golden Boy. I wear it with jeans, cotton duds, suits, t-shirts, shirts, jackets.  I’d liken it to a teddy bear from childhood, it travels everywhere with me.”

Arran Russell

“My golden boy is a grey marle merino wool knit jumper I bought from Uniqlo in Hong Kong about 5 years ago, I wear it every time I fly. It’s the most comfortable jumper to sleep in and turn up to meetings straight from the airport in. It’s travelled with me to Hong kong, China, India, Japan, USA, Dubai, Thailand & Bali over the last 5 years with a total of about 70 flights.

The marle pattern  hides all drool stains, vomit, beer & dodgy plane food from me and the people sitting next to me (which happens a lot when flying through China & India.)”

Above; Vanishing Elephant menswear AW12
Above; Vanishing Elephant womenswear Spring 2012

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