Tux Time

How great is this Lover tuxedo-style jumpsuit? (Worn here by the incredibly gorgeous Katerina Chang)

Team it with some brogues to really work the menswear angle or some heels for a chic black tie look.

Lover jumpsuit, Andrew McDonald brogues

Photographer: Mick Bruzzese, Stylist: Pip Vassett, Hair & Make Up: Joel Babicci, Model: Katerina Chang @ Chadwick models

  1. Lou said:

    Where oh where can I get the lover tuxedo jumpsuit!? I’ve tried online. Any suggestions please. I live in Australia. Thank you.

    • Hi Lou
      The jumpsuit is from Lover’s Spring/Summer collection so it may not be in store just yet. You can try their stockist number to find out when it will be available: (02) 9699 2237

      Good luck!

      • Lou said:

        Thanks Pip, will do 🙂

      • Lou said:

        Belle & Paige in Hobart won’t be getting any in stock but Lover can send direct to Tas. Downside is – its only available in size 10. Grrrrr what about us ladies with boobs!?? 😦 Never mind, will check measurements & maybe strap the girls down a bit – might work 😉

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