Dorota is one of those labels that immediately struck a chord with me. Possibly because the collection is full of velvet dresses that reminded me of figure skating outfits, or maybe because it just doesn’t feel like any other Australian label around at the moment…A bit crazy & fun, but with some really great, wearable pieces. Either way I was hooked from the start and this is one label I’m really excited about and can’t wait to see more from.

Here’s a few of my favourite looks as shot by Mike Naumoff, and a quick (slightly obscure) Q&A I did with Dorota designer, Dot Drabarek….

Can you tell us a little bit about how Dorota came about? 

The idea that Dorota would exist one day came about midway through an architecture degree when i realised that what I enjoyed most was taking me in a different direction. I wanted to work with colour and texture and something more connected with popular culture.

Where do you draw inspiration from? For your first collection and in general? 

So many things, from minute details to big concepts. A lot of things interest me so i’ve always got my eyes wide open and then see how it all might connect in my head.
My first collection was inspired by a revamp of Picnic at Hanging Rock; including an alien abduction, poisonous flowers and a bit of good and evil, but also by the fabrics I wanted to develop and learn about.
I can definitely say that people inspire me. Recently I watched the ABC interview with John Waters, what a great guy. His creativity is so honest and uninhibited…and gross and hilarious. 

What are your favourite; films, music, artists? 

The most absurd.

What can you tell us about your next collection? 

Tony wants more cake.

All clothing Dorota

Photographer: Mike NaumoffStylist: Pip VassettHair & Make Up: Jasmin LoModel: Dahlia @ Chic

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