Girl Friday: Natalie Wheatland

This weeks Girl Friday is Natalie Wheatland – Lover of fairy tales, Van Morrison, and possessor of an innate ability to make everything from a pair of overalls to a cocktail dress look incredible.

Name? Natalie Ellen Wheatland

Where are you from originally? Originally Queensland, however I spent the majority of my childhood in Perth.

Where are you based now? Now, Sydney is home.

How were you discovered? I don’t have a very fanciful story of being “discovered”. I was initially dragged into an agency at age 12 by my aunty all ducky footed and lanky. It wasn’t until 16 when I warmed to the idea of modelling being a serious career option and signed with my first agency.

How long have you been modelling? It was an off and on gig for a few years during school but I have been working full time for close to two years now.

If I weren’t modelling I’d be….A modern day vagabond, skipping around the globe in the search for flying carpets, unicorns and a really god-damn-good serving of scrambled eggs!

Favourite film? The first film I recall being completely captivated by was Fairy Tale: A True Story. I went to see it with my Mum when I was six. She had to endure a solid few months of a determined little me trying to build a fairy haven in our back yard. I just can’t get over that film its a little girls ultimate fantasy.

What item in your wardrobe can you not live without? A very, very, well worn in pair of Levi 501’s cut off denims that I thrifted and customized when I was 15.

Most played song or album on your ipod? The likes of Nicholas Jaar and Radiohead get a fair thrashing but Van Morrison -Sweet Thing is the first tune on any playlist. 

Top: Sara Phillips dress, Bottom: Bassike tshirt, Friend Of Mine shorts

Photographer: Mick BruzzeseStylist: Pip VassettModel: Natalie Wheatland @ Chic


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