Girl Friday: Kaila Hart

The long, leggy and super lovely Kaila Hart from Chic is our next Girl Friday

Name: Kaila Hart

Where are you from/Where do you live now? Sydney, Australia

How were you discovered? I was in the markets with my mum, and a scout ran up to me and asked me if i wanted to model.However,  at the time, when i was thirteen, i wanted to be a tennis player. A few years later i googled a few agencies and decided to go in and check them out!

How long have you been modelling? Part-time for a year now.

If I weren’t modelling I’d be…Attending high school every day….Or playing tennis.

Favourite film? I just watched the movie The Help on the weekend…and it was amazing!

What item in your wardrobe can you not live without? Probably my black skinny jeans – they go with absolutely everything. 

Most played song or album on your ipod? I’m loving Lana del Ray’s new album at the moment.

Top: Maille dress, Bottom: Sophomore tshirt, Bec & Bridge skirt

Photographer: Mick BruzzeseStylist: Pip VassettModel: Kaila Hart @ Chic


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