Girl Friday: Rebecca Victoria

The next Girl Friday is rock chick de jour, Rebecca Victoria, another Chadwicks girl, gypsy and a bit of a dead ringer for Shirley Manson.

Where are you from originally?: Forresters Beach N.S.W

Where are you based now?: Sydney for the time being, but I am a gypsy so I will probably run away again soon

How were you discovered/how did you start modelling? I started modelling by accident, my best friend was a well known model and naturally when going out she would know people from the industry. We got asked to shoot together, I realised I liked it and saw what opportunities it could give me, so signed with an agency in sydney. It was something I never considered but it makes much more sense to me now. I was a natural performer and was heavily into art at a young age so I jumped at the chance to create something with artists.

How long have you been modelling for? 5 years

Best modelling story or experience? Getting to work with Pam Hogg, rock and roll babe from the new romantics era. I did her show at London Fashion Week. She’s a massive inspiration to strong hard working women…and super fun too.

Best beauty tip? Be as pure as possible with everything; food, drink, thoughts and actions. Your body will react accordingly.

What’s the most played song or album on your ipod? A mix of The Cramps, Spinnerette, Nero and Enter Shikari 

If I weren’t modelling I’d be…Probably trying to make it in a rock and roll band, acting or running with the wolves.

Top: One Teaspoon singlet, models own bra & necklace, Bottom: Insight jacket, models own bra, necklace & tights

Photographer: MIck Bruzzese, Stylist: Pip Vassett, Model: Rebecca Victoria @ Chadwick


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