Girl Friday: Lauren Moody

The second in the ‘Girl Friday‘ series is the uber cool Lauren Moody from Chadwick.

Name: Lauren Moody

Agency: Chadwick

Where are you from originally?: Sunshine Coast, Queensland 

Where are you based now?: Sydney

How were you discovered/how did you start modelling?: A friend of mine was also studying design, i started out by helping shoot his graduate collection. I met with Chadwicks through that.

How long have you been modelling for?: 1 year

Best modelling story or experience?: The best part of modelling for me is travelling, and the talented and creative people that you meet along the way. Going to New York and Paris for the first time were both amazing experiences, but being able to walk down the street of a completely foreign city and still run into a familiar face made it so much more rewarding. 

Best beauty tip?: I’m really fair, so sunscreen is important. other than that i like to wear just a light mineral powder as make-up from work tends to be pretty heavy and skin needs to breath. I don’t really wear a lot of make-up, i prefer to look more natural.

What’s the most played song or album on your iPod?: I spent the summer back home on the sunshine coast, so have been listening to a bit more mellow stuff. like city and colour, bon iver, angus and julia, foster the people. most played album was the Doors though. 

 If I weren’t modelling I’d be….Back at Art school.

Top: Sara Phillips top, models own pants, Bottom: Something Else knit

Photographer: Mick Bruzzese, Stylist: Pip Vassett


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