3 Really Easy Beach Do’s

I love a bit of a low maintenance beach ‘do, so I asked hair aficionado Joel Babicci, (who, incidentally, is also one helluva cook) to whip up a few easy beach braids on the lovely Melise. Below he gives us a bit of a run down on how to achieve the looks for ourselves.

“Starting with wet hair, part down the middle using a wide tooth comb and comb hair through. Lightly spray through Kevin Murphy ‘Hair Resort’ spray, and scrunch the ends of the hair. Allow hair to air dry and then scrunch  a small amount of Kevin Murphy ‘Easy Rider’ through the ends off the hair. Add a thin braid at the front and you’re done. Easy!”

“For the above look, prep the hair as you would with the aforementioned style. Then make two loose braids at the front of the hairline around your face. Just using fingers, pull all the hair into a low, messy loop and finish with a spritz of Kevin murphy ‘Session Spray’.”

“For this easy yet cute look, spray Kevin Murphy ‘Texture Master’ through hair. Using fingers sweep hair over to one side and tie into one low braid. Secure ends with an elastic or, if you’d prefer, pins.”

One Teaspoon tshirt worn throughout.

Photographer: Daniel O’Connell, Stylist: Pip Vassett, Hair & Make Up: Joel Babicci, Model: Melise @ chic


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