Girl Friday: Caris Tiivel

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Mick Bruzzese and I got together and shot a bunch of gorgeous young things. No hair, no make up, just beautiful girls and natural light…and a few bits and pieces I popped them into. Here’s the first “Girl Friday”, the super sweet Caris Tiivel from Chadwick.

Name: Caris Tiivel

Agency: Chadwick

Where are you from originally?: Perth

Where are you based now? I’m currently working in milan

How were you discovered?: I entered a Chadwick model search in 2009, won and got signed. I’ve been modelling ever since.

Best modelling experience? There have been many good experiences! getting to travel to amazing places and meeting inspiring people is always great. i did a presentation for Rag & Bone in New York, that was pretty cool.. and got contra money to go splurge at their store! Oh and seeing famous people everywhere in new york – the Olsen twins, Heidi Klum, Sarah Hyland.. but there have been so many good experiences wherever i’ve been.

What’s the most played song or album on your ipod? Probably Blue Blood by Foals. It’s my favourite song. Or Lotus Flower by Radiohead.

If I weren’t modelling I’d be…. I’d really like to just travel the world with a bunch of friends and have fun! Workwise I would probably still be doing something related to the fashion industry, or maybe something creative to do with art…or possibly even studying at uni.

Top: Something Else tank, Bottom: Insight shirt, Cassette Society bra, Ksubi shorts

Photographer: Mick Bruzzese, Stylist: Pip Vassett


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