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A stained lip is pretty much the easiest make up trick in the beauty book. So easy even I can do it. But just to nail the look even more, Poppet resident master of maquillage, Jasmin Lo, gives us a few tips, tricks and recommendations.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your lips are baby smooth & soft, so exfoliate gently & then massage in a rich balm & let it sink in for 10mins. (I recommend Lanolips 101 Ointment). Blot off any excess balm so you lips are nourished but not oily- you want the lip colour to stain your lip, not slide off!

Berry stained lips (above), like you’ve been sucking raspberry popsicles all afternoon. Use your ring finger and tap the gel onto your lips, focusing on the centre first. Don’t squeeze out any more gel, just use what’s left on your finger and lightly pat further out towards the edge of your lip. Keep it neat but there’s no need to create a super straight lip line- its better when the stain just dissipates seamlessly. 

(recommend: KIT Cheek & Lip Tint in Rosy Blush)

Creamy pink & matte (above & below), how to wear lipstick today. Apply the lipstick with a nice flat, tapered lip brush. Smile when you do this so you get the colour into every crevice & distribute it evenly all over.

Blot with a single ply tissue and repeat application, then blot again. Now put a lil lipstick on your finger & dab over the top, starting at the centre, & allowing the edges to smudge slightly. 

(recommend: Illamasqua Lipstick in Scandal)

The easiest, quickest foolproof method (above & below). Typically stained lips are best matte, but if you have ultra dry lips its best to go with something more hydrating. A chubby pencil with a subtle tint & tiny bit of sheen is perfect. Just apply like a crayon to your lips and your done! Since the colour is sheer, it doesn’t require blending out edges or any fussy finger work!

(recommend: Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry)

One Teaspoon tshirt & singlet

Photographer: Daniel O’Connell, Hair, Make Up & Words: Jasmin Lo, Creative Direction: Pip Vassett, Model: Luana @ Chic


The second in the Cutting Room Floor series. Check out the last one here….

This time around I’m featuring some forgotten gems from Mick Bruzzese, Terence Chin & Duncan Robinson. And yes…a couple of these locations might look familiar – it’s my apartment, which I think has maybe doubled as a studio one too many times?! I think it’s time to find a new back up location…

Photographers: Shot 1. Mick Bruzzese, shot 2. Terence Chin, shot 3. Duncan Robinson, Stylist: Pip Vassett

Henry Holland has been putting the fun back in fash ever since those ‘Fashion Groupie’ tshirts back in 2006.

The latest collection for his eponymous label, House Of Holland, was a pastel punk affair with plenty of tartan, snakeskin and an unreal oversize leopard print – one of my favourites for the season. Here’s a quick Q&A with the man himself, and a little HOH shoot we did with spunky punk, Luana.

Can you tell us a little about the collection. What was some of your inspiration? Our SS12 collection was called Pastel Punks and was inspired by some late 70s early 80s street photography of female punks and skinheads by Gavin Watson. I like the juxtoposition of the super femininity in the girls faces, with the masculine lines and styles in their clothes and their harsh shaved heads.  We tried to translate this into the colletion by contrasting quite masculine shapes (shirting, tailoring etc) with a super feminine sacharine pastel palette….

What are your favourite pieces from the collection? My favourite pieces are the silk ombre leopard dresses. I think they came out really well.

If the collection were a song what would it be? Too much too young by The Specials.

Who is your all time favourite punk and why? Wendy o Williams because she is insane and has a body to die for!

Any little tid bits you can tell us about HoH’s next collection? Not unless you want me to kill you.

Credits for images above: Photographer: Daniel O’Connell, Stylist: Pip Vassett, Hair & Make Up: Jasmin Lo, Model: Luana @ Chic

Above, image by Gavin Watson

Punk queen Wendy o Williams

House Of Holland SS12 Runway

The second in the ‘Girl Friday‘ series is the uber cool Lauren Moody from Chadwick.

Name: Lauren Moody

Agency: Chadwick

Where are you from originally?: Sunshine Coast, Queensland 

Where are you based now?: Sydney

How were you discovered/how did you start modelling?: A friend of mine was also studying design, i started out by helping shoot his graduate collection. I met with Chadwicks through that.

How long have you been modelling for?: 1 year

Best modelling story or experience?: The best part of modelling for me is travelling, and the talented and creative people that you meet along the way. Going to New York and Paris for the first time were both amazing experiences, but being able to walk down the street of a completely foreign city and still run into a familiar face made it so much more rewarding. 

Best beauty tip?: I’m really fair, so sunscreen is important. other than that i like to wear just a light mineral powder as make-up from work tends to be pretty heavy and skin needs to breath. I don’t really wear a lot of make-up, i prefer to look more natural.

What’s the most played song or album on your iPod?: I spent the summer back home on the sunshine coast, so have been listening to a bit more mellow stuff. like city and colour, bon iver, angus and julia, foster the people. most played album was the Doors though. 

 If I weren’t modelling I’d be….Back at Art school.

Top: Sara Phillips top, models own pants, Bottom: Something Else knit

Photographer: Mick Bruzzese, Stylist: Pip Vassett

I love a bit of a low maintenance beach ‘do, so I asked hair aficionado Joel Babicci, (who, incidentally, is also one helluva cook) to whip up a few easy beach braids on the lovely Melise. Below he gives us a bit of a run down on how to achieve the looks for ourselves.

“Starting with wet hair, part down the middle using a wide tooth comb and comb hair through. Lightly spray through Kevin Murphy ‘Hair Resort’ spray, and scrunch the ends of the hair. Allow hair to air dry and then scrunch  a small amount of Kevin Murphy ‘Easy Rider’ through the ends off the hair. Add a thin braid at the front and you’re done. Easy!”

“For the above look, prep the hair as you would with the aforementioned style. Then make two loose braids at the front of the hairline around your face. Just using fingers, pull all the hair into a low, messy loop and finish with a spritz of Kevin murphy ‘Session Spray’.”

“For this easy yet cute look, spray Kevin Murphy ‘Texture Master’ through hair. Using fingers sweep hair over to one side and tie into one low braid. Secure ends with an elastic or, if you’d prefer, pins.”

One Teaspoon tshirt worn throughout.

Photographer: Daniel O’Connell, Stylist: Pip Vassett, Hair & Make Up: Joel Babicci, Model: Melise @ chic

Friend, photographer and all round great guy, Frenchy and I got together to take some pretty pictures of new face Emily Jean (who had then only been modelling about 2 weeks!)

We drank tea, ate a whole lot of Bourke Street Bakery pastries and Frenchy took some beautiful shots on his film camera (which you just don’t see enough of these days).

From top: 1. Kahlo dress, 2. Alexis Dawn bodysuit, Therese Rawsthrone Ensemble jacket, 3. Sara Philips dress, 4. Bonds jumper, 5. as before, 6. Wrangler tshirt, Zimmermann skirt

Photographer: Frenchy, Stylist: Pip Vassett, Hair & Make Up: Joel Babicci, Model: Emily Jean @ Chic